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Automated No-fog Fan Technology (Patented), for your goggle.  A self-contained, fully automatic, humidity control module that converts most goggle brands into a fan goggle in minutes, at a price you can afford. 

Recommended Use: Anywhere you deploy a goggle The Eliminator™ can enhance your experience.

Includes one AAA battery and instructions.

Doesn't dry your eyes out or restrict vision.

The Eliminator™ - - Banish fog problems forever with this unique device available only from HaberVision. Install it in your goggle, place the selector switch on automatic and forget about it. When humidity rises inside the goggle, a sensor activates a fan and the warm moist air is evacuated. When humidity returns to acceptable levels, the fan turns off. 

It’s completely automatic. Removable and transferable so you’re free to move it from goggle to goggle. Skiing, snowmobiling, dirt biking, paintball, mountain climbing you name the application, and The Eliminator™ will solve the fog problem.

The Eliminator is protected by the following U.S. Design Patents:

Pat. No. D656,981

Pat. No. D669,114

The Eliminator Fitting Guide : Click Here

Latest Eliminator Testimonial

Let me send you an unsolicited testimonial for the Eliminator anti-fog device. I installed the device in a pair of well-used Smith goggles last night. It was relatively easy to install and didn't trash the foam. Today was a storm day at Alta, where it is snowing sideways (check out the Alta web site and look at the Altacams for today!!!) and with helmet, hood, gator all in place I challenged the Eliminator. Without a doubt, not only did it defeat the fogging from the chair, traverses and hiking but it also was completely out of sight and sound. This thing is great. You should sell a zillion of them.  You should contact the retail shop at Wiegeles where I ski and get them to carry them. Good Luck. - Paul R., Salt Lake City


How to install the Haber Eliminator


Haber Eliminator
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