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HaberVision Snowmobile Goggle

Introducing a whole new level in NO-FOG Snowmobile goggles.  As a Snowmobile enthusiasts you know one of the biggest problems in riding a snowmobile is a fogged up goggle.   See clearly and fog free in a Haber Eliminator Fan Goggle today. 

The Haber Eliminator No Fog Fan Module keeps you fog free automatically and combined with our double lens polarized goggle it’s the ultimate snowmobile goggle.    Easily installs in all HaberVision Goggles and most goggle brands on the market. 

It’s no accident that Haber’s goggles work so well with over 50 years as an industry leader in the production of high-end goggles, we have the right stuff! Polarized goggles, fan goggles, and more.

  1. Fog-Free Eliminator Fan system
  2. Lens colors for all riding conditions
  3. Two layer foam frames
  4. Helmet compatible models
  5. Over the Glasses ( OTG) models
  6. Quick Straps for one hand quick release
  7. Polarized Double Lens
  8. Spherical and Cylindrical Lens

But don’t take our word, here is what some of our Snowmobile rides have to say:

The quality of HaberVision goggles and sunglasses are top of the line. One product that I believe will be very successful with snowmobilers is the Haber Eliminator. I have yet to find a goggle that does not consistently fog and I've ridden with every major brand. The Haber Eliminator is the first practical solution I have seen to this problem. The Eliminator is incredibly sleek and lightweight, it is not even noticeable inside a set of goggles. - Dan Gardiner, Extreme Snowmobiler

"For the money you spend, these are the best form fitting, sealing, and sun-repelling goggles currently on the snowmobile market."Mark Boncher, Editor, American Snowmobiler

I had a chance to test out my new Ouzo Goggles with the Eliminator over Christmas in McBride. They lived up to all the claims that Habervision made. Not once did the goggles fog up, unfortunately my glasses did but that mostly happened when I was really hot and the moisture level was way to high to expect the Eliminator to keep up. My past experience with standard goggles was that both the goggle and the glasses would fog so this is a much a better set up.
They fit well, sealed tight to my face and looked awesome. The little fan (I mostly ran it on automatic) has a buzz when it started but with my sled running I didn't hear it. I did stop a few times and would pull the quick straps on my goggles and the fan would start on it's own - then I'd be trying to figure out what that humming sound was...lol...
I would recommend buying the polarized goggles or the eliminator for use in the sledding market - it really worked.- Curtis, Snowandmud.com Adminstrator

I am Sledgirl. I do love the product, and recommend it to anyone that asks. In December last year my husband was riding with 3 others in very difficult conditions, they couldn't see, but he had no issues. They asked the secret, he showed them, they ordered their Haber Eliminators from the hotel computer that night. When you're in the backcountry your life depends on being able to see, isn't that worth a few bucks for a fan? Winter's coming, get READY!!! - Heather

"Best goggles I ever bought , with the Haber Eliminator Fan. No more fogging up and the people are great to deal with !!!! My wife is not complaining ....priceless!!!!!" - Kaleb

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My name is Steve Haber and I welcome you as a preferred customer. As founder of Bolle America Eyewear in 1981, I successfully built the Bolle brand and took the company public, 14 years later. I believed then, as I do now, that polarized eyewear is better for your vision.

Today, I bring you a fresh premium brand, HaberVision, and a new way to buy. Haber's are exclusively offered on the Internet, saving you real dollars.

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