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Testimonials from HaberVision customers and friends

HaberVision Testimonials

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Hi, I am Capt. Roger Lindenwald, aka Capt. Jolly Roger, of Jolly Roger's Fishing Adventures in Murrells Inlet SC.  I would love to be listed on your site as a Fishing Guide.  I have had a pair of Belize Upper Bifocals since 2009 and they are just the ticket....they have the right fit. The truth is when on vacation, I have tied flies onto my line in the middle of the the mountain stream in dark conditions and I have been able to see beautifully.  In my own guide service here at the beach, I have let my clients try them on, and they loved them and I am sure some of them have ordered a pair for themselves. I have just today placed an order for a new pair. After 4 years of very heavy daily use, they are beginning to delaminate around the edges, but that should be expected from my heavy usage. The upper bifocals are perfect. - Roger Lindenwald, jollyrogersfishing.com


I love my Haber Cima Sunglasses's. Best glasses ever! - Gary Winterton, Hooked on Utah, Television fishing and hunting show.




Love my fishing glasses and goggles! - Jason Haley, Haley Outdoors





Luv Luv Luv these Curve Sunglasses for Road Cycling/Running & Spring Skiing - the yellow lense is perfect for the changing conditions we see in Southern Vermont. The Curve style fits so comfortably I have no issues on those century rides, my Rudys pinch behind the ears after an hour...Thank you Haber!" - Denise A.



Just a note to tell you how pleased I am with my polarized Habervision sunglasses. I have twp pair of Costa del Mars and one pair of Smith---they are gathering dust; my go to glasses for fishing, driving, etc are my Habervisions. They allow plenty of light through yet block out reflections on the water allowing me to see fish easily.The price was great and the glasses even better!! - Carl Huber


I'm already using the Haber Vision Riva goggles that I ordered from you. They're great...especially in low light conditions. I call them my "Superman Goggles"...they can see through anything. Thanks for such a wonderful product. Warm Regards, Ben Whitfield, Level 3 PSIA Instructor - Jackson Hole Mountain Sports School 307-3321-1555-Cell

We love our new Riva Polarized goggles. Bill and I used them for the first time yesterday at Deer Valley and was amazed at the difference. Looking forward to trying the polarized sunglasses as well. I wear Maui Jim's now and would be interested in seeing how they compare. My brother Rick is a pro fly fisherman and fly tying in Fort Collins and has also published a book called "Modern Midges", so perhaps the sunglasses will be his next present. :-) Kuddos HaberVision!! Regards, Caprice

Living in Rural Alberta, it has always been difficult to source quality gear that is more commonly used for saltwater fishing. The nearest dedicated flyshop is almost 200 miles away and the ocean is a lot farther away than that. Cross border internet shopping has its hidden and not so hidden pit falls, but my recent experience with Haber Vision has been extremely positive. I purchased the Belize upper bi-focal glasses with the readers in the top and couldn't be more pleased with the service and the quailty of the glasses. While cleaning snow off my yard and 6 miles of local roads in a snow storm is hardly fishing, it is a very good test of any set of polarized glasses as depth perception in such conditions is pratically non-existent without good polarized glases. Further to that, it is just about impossible to operate large equipment with normal bi-focals or progressives,,, to see the ground you literally have to put your chin on your chest. The Habers on the other hand wuith the upper readers were extremely comfortable to wear for several hours and the top readers were not anywhere in my way of vision.(I even saw several deer which I take as a sign of their hunting / fishing prowess!!!)
Shipping to Canada was very reasonable with no excessive hidden charges (not always the case in cross border shopping) and reasonlbly quick given the fact a internatioanl border is in the middle.
Communication through the buying process was excellent and customer service was exceptionally pleasant to deal with. All in all, a very positive buying experience, and I am exited about how many bonefish I will be able to see with my new glasses and the flies I can now change without having to fumble for my readers!!!- Guy

Thanks so much, everyone....the new polarized prescription Belize shades are great! For years I've been suffering with overpriced sunglasses from the eye doctor's office, with lenses that were too small and didn't wrap around at all, not impact resistant, and marginal polarization. Barely adequate for flyfishing, and totally unacceptable for my outdoor work as a solar and wind power technician (sometimes had to wear safety glasses over them). And not very stylish, either. You folks got my strong and tricky prescription exactly right and fit it into a stylish and safe wrap frame. They are feather light and well balanced. Will try to send you a pic of me with them in some exotic locale this summer......Thanks again. You folks rock! -- Dan Fink

Frank, I want to thank you for introducing me to HaberVision sunglasses, the Kenai models have been working out great. I spend a lot of time on the water and no matter if it is blazing summer sun on Northern Sierra lakes chasing trophy trout or low light and foggy off of California’s north coast landing Kings and Ling Cod the Habers work! The HaberLite polarized lenses cut the glare and increase visibility, an important factor needless to say. With my reputation and client’s success on the line all of my equipment has to work and work well, the Habers have far exceeded my expectations and are now the only glasses I wear.
Captain Bryan Roccucci, Big Daddy’s Guide Service, www.bigdaddyfishing.com


Love my HaberVision sunglasses - Capt. Alan Sherman

Hi guys, I have received my new 'Columbia's' and am very happy with them, look gr8 on and feel nice on. 'Just gotta get out there and do some fishing too try them out' Keep up the good work, form the land 'Down Under' Australia - Rick Durham

I am a competitive cyclist and a person who spends a lot of time outside. I have wondered how the Habervision Rose would be over a long day in the sun thinking it might be too light for me.  My question was answered recently on a 3 day 300 mile bike ride from Northern Colorado to Southwest Colorado!  The Curve Sunglasses with Polarized Haber Rose lens were super over three mountain passes above 11,000 feet and 50 miles of dirt and gravel roads. The lenses were so crisp and clear I just looked at the color of the mountains.  My eyes were the only thing not tired and sore when we finished the ride!  I recommend the Curve and or Rose lens to everyone! - Mike Sibbald

I just want to say how incredible my prescription Drivewear photochromatic light adjusting lenses are
performing in my Habervision Cima frames. These incredible lenses are now available for Haber's
Rx prescriptions sunglasses. Unlike other photochromatic lenses, these will continue to change even
behind a car windshield. On the water fishing, you can wear them from the first hint of light through
the day until its nearly pitch-black. I start my day before sunrise, and now I can put on my sun glasses
at first light, and not have to find them later when the sun comes up. They adjust on the fly! For the
evening rise on the rivers, I just keep on seeing with them until its dark.

They let you see awesome contrasts in low light as well as glaring mid-day sun. They go from Amber to
brown, with shades in between, depending on the light. On the flats, on the lakes, and on the rivers
and creeks, these are all you need to see the fish and everything around them. The BEST lenses I've
ever worn. - Capt. Jim Williams, Creative Fishing Adventures

I’ve never worn sunglasses that let me read the greens and perform as well as the Haber Curve.   The frames are very light weight and don’t impede my vision while on the course.  I had one of my lowest rounds at the famed Vintage using the Curve Sunglasses in Indian Wells- Billy Bomar, PGA Professional



I wore the Cima Sunglasses I bought from you and love them. It's hard to find glasses that fit...I'm glad I got these...won't be my only pair either! Here's a photo with my recent catch in Haber Sunglasses!",Rudy Aceves, Bass Fisherman




Life at the Parachute Center has been amazing! Thanks to the Haber Vision sunglasses, I was able to make my 50th wingsuit jump recently. Haber Vision makes the best sunglasses for an active life.- Walker MacKey


Taking advantage of some beautiful fall weather here on Armstrong trail in my Haber Sunglasses. Lightweight and giving me a clearer vision of the trail and brightens the surroundings.- Holly Flanders, Olympic Ski Racer

I have been using the Haber Eliminator for over 3 years now. I didn't think it would work the first time I used it. I found that by using this no fog fan, I am able to keep my goggles on my face each time I stop. Normally when I stop I have to take my goggles off my face so that they do not fog up. Each time I take my goggles off, I have to be careful not to get snow in them, from taking them off and on. Now with the eliminator I am able to stop, take a breather or wait for someone to catch up and not have to worry that my goggles will fog. I use the auto mode and it does a great job of turning on when needed and off when not needed. The battery seems to have lasted for the entire season as well. I assume that is because it only runs when I stop. Once you take off again and start moving you get good air flow so the sensor detects that the fan is no longer needed. I thought I would be able to see it in my goggles but found it does not block my view in any way. I heard of some people complaining that they cannot feel the air that it is moving. Not sure if they realize that the volume inside of the goggles is only a few hundred cc's, so this fan really doesn't have to move much air to prevent fogging. I won't own another pair of goggles without this fan. - CL Trujillo


Tell everyone and especially Steve Haber that I loved your brand. I have purchased the Multex Sunglasses and the Voyager Roller bag. Love all the stuff. You cannot beat the quality for the price. I was going to get my Tumi roller bag fixed (it is 15 years old), too much money, and I was not going to drop $500 for a new bag. I tell all my friends that this is the place they need to go for shades and travel bags. Thanks,ROC

Greetings from Peru- I had to write to let you know that my new HaberVision Kenai Sunglasses have been proving their value each day down here in the high Andes! The sun is intense at elevation, but your glasses are simply the best.  They are the perfect answer to any of the outdoor activities, including here at Machu Picchu here in Peru.  I am so pleased that I heard about your brand.  They are simply the best sunglasses I have ever had.  My wife took the enclosed photo of me yesterday, overlooking this amazing archeological site. Sincerely, Brian Keating- International Tour Guide http://www.goingwild.org/


Haber Eliminator Goggles - No fog and cuts out the glare. Couldn't ask for anything more. - George Methlie

My Haber Kenai Sunglasses allow me to see targets and fish that other anglers pass over, giving me a distinct advantage on the water!- Joe Wilkerson

Best pair of sunglasses I ever owned!!! - Derek Berhalter

Love my Habers! They look good, they're comfortable, durable, and they work better for sight fishing than any other sunglasses I've used. My costa del mars are collecting dust!- Jason Peters

Hands down, the best optics on the market.- Jack Long

Habervision Kenai Sunglasses are the way to go! They mold perfectly around your face with comfort. They do not fog up like many sunglasses do. They are great for sight fishing. They can be worn in the rain and you can still see. And best of all they are very durable! If you give them a shot you will not be disapointed! - Charlie Hill


I recently had a pair of Mallorca Shades I purchased from Habervision. The style was awesome, so good that even though they were a little small for the bridge of my nose, I pushed them down to make them fit. As a result I broke them along the lens as they were wire rim. I was so mad I threw them away, and called Habervision to buy a new pair of the same kind and I asked them if they came in a larger bridge... size. The manager said she would check and see what they could do "free of charge, along with another pair as well) I recently talked with her again and they are sending me two pairs one different from the other pair I broke, at no charge and to return the pair if they don't fit right. The glasses are better then Oakleys or Bolles in my opinion at half the price, with the service and return policy you can't beat this company..- Glenn Morris

After many many months of looking at your website, I finally bit the bullet and order my first pair – The Curve Sunglasses– in white with polarized lenses.  Well, I just love my new sunglasses and get many compliments when I wear them.  I was especially surprised to see that they are made in Italy.  The quality is exceptionally at such a reasonable price.  My husband has already tried to confiscate them for himself. I can’t wait to order another pair of glasses from you!-Chantal Reed   

Thanks again, the Belize Sunglasses gave my eyes the releif they needed from the blazing hot sun in order to be able to cast acurately and to fish the technique for a first place win at the No Motor Kayak fishing tournament up at union reservoir. - Aaron Kerchner


Love my Cima Sunglassess! Comfortable fit and look great too. My clients are always surprised to see what a difference a quality lens will make when spotting fish in open water.- John Hutchins, Bass Pro Fisherman



Just got my 2nd pair .... Cima Sunglasses... Love this style, fits my head perfectly .... Great clearity ... Thanks for the info ... By the Way I ordered a pair twice as expensive however the optics in yours is superior ... Definitely taking these to the Carribean in three weeks ... - Scott Moore

My Haber Belize Sunglasses arrived today and i must say it's the best glasses i ever used :)- Peter Moen

"I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE the Columbia Sunglasses. I used them for the first time yesterday and I am totally impressed. The fit was great, the lenses are awesome. I was little worried that they would not be dark enough, but my eyes felt great after a full day of fishing. I will recommend you to everyone that I know."-Mike Leigh, Park City, UT

My HaberVision Trim Sunglasses certainly help in sight-fishing and catching fish like this nice crappie. - Greg Clusiau



Hey Steve, rode a stage cycling race last weekend in every kind of weather wearing the Curve Sunglasses! Great protection and vision! - Walt Chauner


As usual, Haber Kenai Sunglasses helped us stay ahead of the competition. - Chris Gill, WindCheck Magazine, sailing aboard Tenacious - Chris Gill, Windcheck Magazine


Hello Everyone just wanted to say thanks the Habervision staff for producing the clearest most comfortable glasses!We recently won a Walleye tournament and it was very important to see the weeds and with my Habers Sunglasses on it sure made it easy! Thanks Spiro Agouros, Bass Pro Fisherman




I purchased the Haber Eliminator fan a few months ago as I suffered from incredible fogging in my Paintball Goggles. Since installing this fan system I have not had an issue, you can see the fog start to biuld lightly then the fan kicked in (auto mode) and poof its gone, then the fan shuts off. I use the fan in my FLEX paintball goggles it fits... perfectly and is out of the line of sight. The battery cover fell of and they are sending a replacement FREE of charge. I cant say enough good things about this company and the product I purchased, it is solid and well made and would recommend to anyone who is having fogging problems in an type of goggles. Thank you HaberVision :)-Jeremy Horn

I have been fishing bass for 20 plus years, and my HaberVision Kenai Sunglasses are the best glasses I have ever used. They are not only VERY light, but also have incredible lenses. I used my Kenai’s to land a solid limit in my first tournament using them. I was sight fishing for Small mouth bass in 10 feet of water, and had no problems finding, and then catching them. Thanks Haber Vision….   Kris Johnson, LastKast Guide Service


"Overall the Mobile Commander Backpack is a great bag and price. I wasn't expecting the bag to be so sturdy and hold so much in a very organized way.  I travel a lot and this is my take along companion. My laptop fits and is protected in the padded compartment.  A small organizer compartment has all the little pockets you need to fit pens, business cards, and little tidbits. While the larger compartment holds books and paperwork. Water bottle and cell phone mesh pockets too! Padded and comfortable with multiple straps across my chest and waist.  The design is wonderful and has some cool features. -Mary S.

I just received my new Corsica Sunglasses and am very pleased. Thanks for your great service. I see you have Bike glasses, fishing, skiing and biking. I do All of these and won't hesitate recommending your Company to others and getting more of yours when I Need new ones. Thanks again.- Hale Moore

"I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE the Columbia Sunglasses. I used them for the first time yesterday and I am totally impressed. The fit was great, the lenses are awesome. I was little worried that they would not be dark enough, but my eyes felt great after a full day of fishing. I will recommend you to everyone that I know."-Mike Leigh, Park City, UT

"I recommend the Mallorca Titanium Sunglasses because they are so light and comfortable. Everything is so clear, and I was able to see in the water".- Carrie Baker

"The difference between the Mallorca Sunglasses and cheap glasses is drastic! The style and optics are far superior. These are by far the best glasses I've owned".- Tommy Lawton

“The HaberVision Columbia are high-quality sunglasses for the price. I highly recommend them—they are a must-have.” - Alex Schiess

Columbia Polarized Sunglasses are very comfortable and have a great design.” - Carlos Lanzen


I have been wearing Habervision googles since arriving in Antarctica.  I was eager to test the unique Eliminator system - which utilises fan technology inside the goggles to enable fog free vision, whatever the activity. I was delighted- I have used the goggles in temperatures as low as minus 69 degrees Celcius and the battery and system remains operating keeping my vision clear.  Every week we have to climb a 40 metre high tower to clean and clear ice from scientific equipment.  Habervision googles enable me to see all the way up and down, so I don't loose a step.  A fall here in the middle of nowhere would be disastrous, life-threatening in fact.  Here is equipment you can rely on.  I look forward to fog free ice climbing, skiing and dog-sledding adventures when I get home.- Alexander Kumar, www.alexanderkumar.com


Snow, Sleet, Sun, Ice, Fog... I have been through it all.  And through it all I have been able to see where I am going.  Even when others could not and had to stop I was able to keep going.  Sometimes that's the difference between getting stuck and making it.  With HaberVision Eliminator Goggles, I am always confident that I will be able to see where I am going, even in the harshest conditions old man winter can serve up.  Seems like every ride I have to lend someone my back up HaberVision goggles because their other brand has iced/fogged up.  I always have to threaten them to get my goggles back.  The polarized lens erases the harsh sun/snow reflections allowing your eyes to see more clearly the terrain.  The eliminator fan keeps air flowing over the lenses, whisking away moisture and keeping you fog free.  Habervision goggles flat out work... Phatty from Boondockers

Minimal fogging and polarized at a great price! Just finished a long weekend in Copper Mountain, CO. Had barely any fogging issues with the goggles themselves. The Prima goggles are a great product. Will recommend to all my friends. Thanks! -Ed Blaskowski


The Eliminator Goggle has worked both under racing and trail conditions. The unit is small enought to fit into just about any goggle and doesn't interfere with your vision. The automatic feature works great and it does eliminate most fogging issues. If we know we are going to be doing some hard running and that heat build-up will be present, we just switch to the "on" mode and let the fan run constantly. Battery life is exceptional lasting over 2 seasons in the auto mode. A very good product that we use and sell with confidence. Dale and Spencer Fett, Fett Brothers Performance and Fett Racing.


These are The Most awesome goggles with optical inserts !!!I skiied with them in Taos NM for one week, never even had to wipe them once, in the snow, in thesun...phantastic!!!! -



The fit of my Cima sunglasses are so good that I sometimes forgot I have them on. I never have to “re-adjust” or move them all day.  But I knew they are there when I needed to tie a knot and the bi-focals made it a breeze.  They were brilliant.  Glare from the smooth water was eliminated.  No glare entered from the sides.  I could see my LCD screens on the sonar and GPS perfectly from all angles, in all light, all day.  They’re just the glasses I was always looking for. The comfort and clarity of my Cima frames and copper polarized lenses are unmatched, and I’ve gone through many pairs of polarized sunglasses over my entire 30-year career as a guide.  Thanks again for such a great pair of glasses at a remarkable low price.  - Capt. Jim Williams

“The Habervision Kenai sunglasses are great everyday sunglasses they are very light and the lenses are very clear. I was very amazed when I put them on. Habervision could easily charge double for these sunglasses and I would buy them! I will definitely be buying more Habervision products in the future!”- Jason S., NAFC Member

This Riva Eliminator Fan Goggle is awesome!  Took them out snowmobiling and ice fishing at Lake of the Woods in MN and had no problems at all.  Excellent piece of equipment! - Rob G., NAFC Member


Used the Riva Eliminator Goggles while on vacation in western Minnesota.  Goggles were comfortable and fit well.  They did not fog when going from outside 20 degree/20 mile per hour wind to inside fish house and reverse.  Also wore them using snow blower and while activity produced perspiration the glasses did not fog. - Donna F., NAFC Member

"Here is a pic of me at the summit of Whitefish Mountain Resort at Big Mountain, in Whitefish, Montana.  It was an inversion day and in the reflectiogn of my goggles you can see the cloud layer over the valley.  The Canadian Rockies and Glacier National Park can be seen to the right of my goggles. Love my Habervision Riva Goggles!"- Julie Stevens


I absolutely love my Riva Polarized goggles. The optic orange base is AMAZING in the snow. The blue flash looks great! I happen to be skiing this day but snowmobiling even in flat light conditions they are GREAT! Thanks again Haber! - Jed Malmber


"Great vision is crucial for our guides, regardless of the weather, and the ability to swith lenses in my Multex Sunglasses on the fly with the constantly changing conditions of Alaska has been a huge benefit for us.  Thank You!" - Nicholas Coe, Fishing Guide with Alaskan Icey Bay Lodge


A pair of Pueblo Lake Spots using HaberVision Kenai sunglasses. - Jeff Jones, Pro Bass Fisherman




I just received my order of the Columbia Sunglasses style of Haber's. All I have to say is WOW! I am going to be ordering more real soon! The finish on these is exceptional. They actually rival if not exceed Maui Jim, Costa Del Mar, Smith Optics and Ocean Waves. These are the #1 sunglass I have been waiting to own. I knew they were out there somewhere and have finally hooked them! The frame is superior to the aforementioned brands, along with the perfectly applied mirror and anti-reflective applications. High gloss frames and brilliant lenses round out the glasses. They are so light, almost like my polycarbonate sunglasses. The fit is snug, allowing no light to interfere with my sight. Above and beyond is the clarity of the lenses. Stunning, true to life colors with the gray tint and silver flash mirror. I am truly amazed that no one else could have thought of offering such a high caliber sunglass before. Hats off to Mr. Haber and the staff and workers at Habervision! I will tell really everyone I know about these great shades. I believe in giving credit where credit is due.- Ray Abraham

"My Riva Eliminator Goggles equipped with a Haber eliminator have been a perfect combination for me in a wide variety of conditions.  Staying fog-free means a clear view and nonstop riding!" - Matt Entz



I wear HaberVision Prescription Sunglasses and was one of the very first to have Habervision put my prescription in their lenses. Once I tried them, I’ve never looked back. They were, and continue to be, the very best Polarized glasses that I have ever worn.  The copper-rose tint serves me well in all my guided trips around Alaska, and just as well when I am guiding in Argentina or Mexico. I depend on them to help protect my eyes against flying flies and strong sun and, of course, to also spot fish whether they are salmon in Alaska, brown trout in Argentina or roosters in Mexico. I couldn’t be without them and recommend them to all my clients. Thanks! Habervision! - Pudge Kleinkauf, Women’s Flyfishing®


First of all thanks. I am a member of Routt County Search and Rescue here in Colorado. We are out in the field in all kinds of weather conditions; sunny and warm one minute and a blizzard the next and your goggles excel in all weather conditions. I have tried many other promised "anti fog" goggles over the years and your product is the only one that truely works. I was having to carry multiple sets of goggles in my pack in the winter to change out and now I do not. I am happy to just have one pair that do not fog and the clearity is great as well. thank you for making a goggle that works! -Delbert Bostock, Routt County search and Rescue 3

I am Sledgirl. I do love the product, and recommend it to anyone that asks. In December last year my husband was riding with 3 others in very difficult conditions, they couldn't see, but he had no issues. They asked the secret, he showed them, they ordered their Haber Eliminators from the hotel computer that night. When you're in the backcountry your life depends on being able to see, isn't that worth a few bucks for a fan? Winter's coming, get READY!!! - Heather




"i absolutely love your eliminator fan goggles , and after 11 years of motocross & 3  years of sno-cross , skiing and sledding my whole life , im pretty picky .... & ,  i do , and , have highly recommended your goggles ... thanx" - Robert Dixon


When I can't see, it's not because my Habervisions let me down!!



“As a professional fishing guide, charter boat captain, and fly fishing school owner,  I need the best Polarized Sunglasses available.  I was tired of paying $175-$300 for high quality polarized fishing sunglasses until HaberVision.  Not only are they the best polarized sunglasses on the market but you can purchase them factory direct for under $100.”  - Jake Jordan, World Class Fly Fisherman, www.jakejordan.com


"With all of the uncertainties out on the water, it's nice to know our team can count on Habervision Fishing Sunglasses. We all agree that the comfortable fit, stylish looks, and the most penetrating polarization we've ever experienced combine to provide the finest eye wear in the industry. Try on a pair of Habervisions' and see for yourself what all of the hype is about..." Captain Mike Genoun - Florida Sport Fishing Magazine


"Best goggles I ever bought , with the Haber Eliminator Fan. No more fogging up and the people are great to deal with !!!! My wife is not complaining ....priceless!!!!!" - Kaleb



“The sunglasses look good and fit well. The Belize Bifocals on the top of the lenses eliminate distorted vision while looking at the water.” -Brian Williamson, NAFC Member


My Habers kept me from loosing my eye last week.  Check out the photo.  We were electroshocking a stream when the guy with the shocker slipped on a rock.  I caught him, but the corner of the backpack shocker nailed me in the eye.  Thanks to the sunglasses I only got a shiner instead of loosing my eye completely. - Jason


I love the Velocity Sunglasses!!! There is nothing you can't do with these. The lenses are great for all occassions from fishing to sport shooting and motorcycle riding at night. . I am on my 3rd pair only because 1 pair were stolen and 1 was dropped into a hot pot of oil!!! They can really take a beating too since I drop them at least once a day! You can't go wrong for the price.- Jeff Middleton


Love your site; love your FaceBook page LOVE YOUR GLASSES!!! - Jim Stewart, Texas

“The Nice Sunglasses are excellent polarized sunglasses that show quality workmanship. I like their fit and feel.” - Martin Stenius, NAFC Member

"Overall, it’s an excellent product. The best feature are the Belize Bifocals on the top of the lenses, they make knot tying much easier.” - Matt Jaeger, NAFC Member


My Habers came through  big time this weekend. I did the bike ride on Saturday and did the run on Friday. Here is a picture of my two days.. I finished the 50 mile run in my best time 13:38. Those glasses were awesome. - Dave Bryant, Lake Ice USA


Some friends and I took a weekend fishing trip (with Bernie Keefe – a local guide) to Granby, Colorado recently to fish for Lake Trout. During the drive up there, I realized I had forgotten my sunglasses. Luckily, Mr. Keefe happened to have an extra pair of sun glasses. They were the New Haber Columbia model. I noticed the glasses fit easily and snug around my head. Unlike my sunglasses I left at home, I never had to adjust and push the Columbia sunglasses back on my nose. While we were jig fishing throughout the day, I was able to focus and distinguish the tip of my rod from background objects. My previous sunglasses were not as clear nor provided the contrast I needed to concentrate on the rod tip. Thanks to my fishing buddy loaning the glasses on this trip, I am a Haber sunglasses fan for life. It also didn’t hurt that I had the best fishing day for Lake Trout in my life!!!!- Wayne Faber, Denver

I've been using Mr. Haber's products from the beginning and have never been disappointed. As a guide and a retail shop owner, I know quality and Habervision is a perfect example., C.C. McCotter, Woods and Waters Magazine


“The lenses are the best in the Nice Sunglasses —you see no distortion through the entire viewing area. Their comfort and appearance are excellent.” - Gary Stephens, NAFC Member

This is living proof that Habervision makes a quality product ! This past Sunday I was forced to lay my bike down on the highway to avoid an accident and the only thing that came out of the accident literally without a scratch was my Habervision Magnum's. Thanks again Habervision for a quality product ! - Bill Snover, Ice Fishing Pro



“With my other polarized glasses, I could only see a few feet into stained water; with my Kenai's I can see twice that distance!” - Mark Latimer, NAFC Member


"The best sunglasses and the Ouzo Eliminator Goggles are the greatest!!! I don't use them for snow, but for running my bass boat in the rain. I was able to run 60+ in one of Florida's down pour thunderstorms. They didn't fog up and could see great. They are perfect for fishing, lightwieght, confortable and easy... to store in boat a compartment. - Mike White, Bass Pro Fisherman


I just wanted to let you know that my HaberVision Rx sunglasses are fantastic!  They are much better than the prescription sunglasses I purchased from my optometrist and cost less.  Thanks again for the best sunglasses I have ever owned.- Jim Besenfelder, In Fisherman Magazine


Big thanks to Haber Vision with the MXT Eliminator goggles for the 2010 Pikes Peak Hill Climb. During Friday's practice on the top section, it's downright cold and the sun can be "completely blinding"! The direct sunlight and cold temps were never an issue thanks the the innovative Eliminator Goggles with tear-offs and mudvisor. Haber products gave me the confidence to carry the speed I needed to drop my overall time. Next year my goal is to drop into the twelve minute bracket. Can't wait untill next year- Marty Stalnaker #721

Good "clear" vision is important when your sideways on the gas! Haber riders, Davey Durelle(#58, 13 time Pikes Peak Hill Climb winner) and Marty Stalnaker (#721) at a private dirt track in eastern Colorado.


Thanks a million for the Belize Rose 2.5 Bifocals. They are absolutely the best sunglasses I have ever used, and I have used them all! I put them to test on my last trip to the Aleutians where overcast inclement weather and the occasional sunshine are the norm. These glasses do it all....as you can see from the photos we have all types of weather in Alaska and it can change by the hour. The bifocals are a real bonus for tying leaders and flies on the river. The guides want to know how they can order them too. All my best.- Tony Weaver, Fish Alaska Magazine


Rivas worked great on the summit attempt.  We got turned back with high wind conditions.  Me at High Camp on the Ingraham Flats in my Rivas & “Fun Ship Freddy” hat.  Carnival Cruise Line donated $10k  to Ronald McDonald House as part of my climb,  wore my Velocity’s as well this is the only pic I have with them around my neck. - Don Chappelle



These MXT goggles are tight! They fit right up against my face, that makes them feel secure and they don't move. The foam on the goggles are very comfortable too,  doesn't chafe but wicks sweat away and provides a comfortable fit. They also have a lot of seeing room, that is something most goggle brands don't have, so that is dope for sure. All that room makes them very easy to see out of, along with the seeing room, they are very well ventelated, which is awesome because on hot days like the summer it helps keep your self cool.- Brodie, Texas


The Velocity will accompany me at the Boulder Ironman this August and the Prima are the only goggles for me. - Dan Schroder, Frisco CO.

 The Magnum Variant glasses are GREAT!  I wear them everyday!  They keep the sun and the sand dust out of my eyes!  Thanks a million to you and Habervision! - Tina, Afghanistan

This past week I took a writer from Outdoor Life trout fishing, and put my reputation of being able to produce quality fish on the line.  When it comes to days like these, you need to be able to depend on your gear, and in my opinion, you can only be as good as your gear will allow.  The entire morning I wore my Habervision Bellagio polarized sunglasses that allowed me to not only find and cast to quality fish, but land this monster brown making for a great story.  Needless to say, whenever I hit the river and need to perform to my best, I ware Habervision glasses.  Tight Lines ... Matt Wettish




I purchased the Kenia last week and recieved them on Saturday.The first thing I noticed was the weight,nice and light which is important if your going to fish for eight hours in a Tournament.I put them on and the fit was great and the clarity of the lens was awesome!  I also recieved the free hat. Thats going to look good on the tournament trail!! Thank you -Capt. Mickey Gibbs

I received my order a couple of weeks ago for two pairs of Trim sunglasses. Thanks, they’re great and I have been trying to track down sunglasses with glass lenses for some time now as I see most manufacturers have now turned to various types of plastic (and maintained their prices at the same time … Rayban!) I am most impressed with the clarity of the lenses … I love glass lenses also for their scratch resistance (I’ve never found plastics to be as scratch resistant as any glass lens). -Paul, Australia

I just want someone to know how pleased I am with the Magnum Variant sunglasses that I bought. I got them to use as I ride my motorcycle  day or night. I stumbled across your website on the internet and took a chance on your product because the price was right. I’ve wore all different kinds of sunglasses including Oakley/Spy/Nike and Serengeti and you guys have done a great job!!! - Jack Easley

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that my HaberVision Santa Margherita sunglasses are the best and most comfortable glassesI have ever owned. With other glasses I notice that my eyes get tired after wearing them for a while. I can put on my Haber's and wear them for a complete round of golf with
no problems. - Larry Janis, Weekend-Golfer.com



I use Habervision's sunglasses every day and they are very good sunglasses that meet my needs. For their price, they are a great bargain, as there are plenty of other higher priced sunglasses on the market that do not perform any better than these. As a result, I do recommend these sunglasses! - Keith Tauber, Tackle Box of Savings

I highly recommend the Kenai Bi-focal glasses, choosing the Haber Rose lenses proves best for reflecting bright snow covered lakes and line tying on various sizes of jig hooks.  I certainly do not require prescription glasses to meet my tying requirements.  The glasses are great for everyday eye protection, light weight and with good comfort to ware for long periods of outdoor time.- Bill Miller, LakeIceUSA.com



Here are some pictures of my trip to Niagara Region in New York last week. Both days very bright sun and I used the new pair of Trim black frames and grey lenses. They really protected my eyes and allowed meto see quite far into the deep clearblue water.- Brian O.

Just Thought Id Share My Little Adventure With My New Haber Sunglasses..Leave New River en rought to Parker On the River, Follow the River North into Havasu...Lots of Press There..HOHum...Snake along the Colo.River North Past Topock, Moabi, Past the Avi Indian Reservation Up to Laughlin Nevada,Got Checked In @ Harrahs, The Usual A Suite...Started To Sport My Habers All Over. Spent All Day Sat Poolside with my Cima Blue Sunglasses. They were a hit with the first 100 degree day of the year. Dinner Res @ the Range Steak House With the Belize Haber Rose Sunglasses. Late Night change into Black Jack Casual With the Nice Amber Sunglasses....Regardless we went from ther to Lake Mohave to CottonWood Cove To Willow-Beach......about 9 mile to the Base of Hoover Damn...Then the Next Day to RIO Las Vegas...Again All Your Glasses Past The.....These Are *!*% Great......Sorry But True....On the Depart Back to Phx...I Crossed Over the Damn And Looked Up in ClearVision the New Hoover Damn Bridge...AweSum...AweSum Glass - A.J. Ronyak

Just received my "Mothers Day" Newport sunglasses & absolutely love them..great fit..great style & great lens..many thanks. Sue

Just to let you know that I received my order on the Bellagio sunglasses and am very pleased with them.  I fly fish a lot in South East Asia, and these sunglasses is already working just dandy on those overcast mornings with low visibility.  I can't wait to order the same model sunglasses in polarized copper/rose lens when it becomes available in June. Also, the sunglasses are made in Italy and found them to be of high quality and workmanship as compared to the other brands we now often see in the market today that are made in China.  Thanks Steve for making my hobby now more pleasurable. I am now a Haber fan.Yakoob Alladin Jnr; from Hong Kong

Received my Belize Bi-Focal Sunglasses 3 days after ordering. They fit, feel, look, and work great. Even light line I can now once again see and deal with. Ben Franklin would be proud!!! Very Happy, Mark B.

At first I thought I wasn't’t going to like the Belize Upper Bi-Focal; but after wearing them for a few weeks, under lots of different circumstances, I’ve come to the conclusion that I like them very much – better than the standard down lens bi-focal. First, most people walk with their head tilted slightly down, hence the problem with down position bi-focals – even the ones set very low and to the inside. You still get some blurred vision when looking down. This is problematic for me too when I want to look at my dash instruments, boat or car. With the up bi-focal, no problem! Also with the down version, to really see close up comfortably, without having to [roll] your eyeballs down to a point you think they’ll be stuck there forever, you have to position the glasses higher on your nose to look easily through the magnifier. You have to do the same in reverse with the up version but it’s more natural, like wearing pinch-nose glasses and the lens is larger for better viewing. I just push the glasses down on my nose until the bi-focal lens is where I see through best and most comfortably. Tying knots or reading a chart or whatever is too easy. Push them back up to normal when done... read more - Dan Blanton, Hall of Fame Fly Fisherman

Please stop sending me these twice weekly newsletters!  They keep costing me money!  I'm hooked! - Julie Davis Homer, Alaska

The Prima Eliminator Goggles are by far the best I have used in flat light conditions and also work great in sunlight. Very impressed as I have been a snowmobiler for about 30 years now and these are the first "do all" goggles I have found, thanks again - Mike W.

I just put up the second accent of the Kearney/Knight route on The Central Tower of Paine. During the accent I used Haber Vision glasses. The Como Sunglasses provided excellent protection from the reflective glaciers of the southern ice cap. Thanks again, Walker Mackey

I had a chance to test out my new Ouzo Goggles with the Eliminator over Christmas in McBride.
They lived up to all the claims that Habervision made. Not once did the goggles fog up, unfortunately my glasses did but that mostly happened when I was really hot and the the moisture level was way to high to expect the Eliminator to keep up. My past experience with standard goggles was that both the goggle and the glasses would fog so this is a much a better set up.
They fit well, sealed tight to my face and looked awesome. The little fan (I mostly ran it on automatic) has a buzz when it started but with my sled running I didn't hear it. I did stop a few times and would pull the quick straps on my goggles and the fan would start on it's own - then I'd be trying to figure out what that humming sound was...lol...
I would recommend buying the goggles or the eliminator for use in the sledding market - it really worked.- Curtis, Snowandmud.com Adminstrator



"I'm fortunate enough to live just 45 minutes away from Conde Nast's most ascetically pleasing resort in North America, in Girdwood Alaska. With occasional grey and low visibility days, moisture and flat lighting quickly ruin a great skiing experience. Luckily, the HaberVision Highline Eliminator goggle allows me to see crystal clear and help me absorb the beauty of one of the world's best resort. The safety and clarity brought by the goggle pays for itself with every run I do. Thank you HaberVision for making such an awesome product." - Tyler Arnold, Alaska




The other day I hooked up 22 dogs on a warm day and started sweating like a you know what.  Once I took off, my vision was almost totally obstructed, I could see a little bit out of the very bottom of the lens.  I deliberately left the Haber Eliminator Goggles on to see if the fan was able to clear the moisture out.  Sure enough after a few minutes, the lens was totally clear again.  I am looking to take an extended trip this week and then of course take a couple of pairs on the Iditarod. - Martin Buser, Iditarod Champion



Steve, for what I do, the Belize lower bi-focal works just fine. I’ve worn bi-focal glasses for years and I’ve become accustomed to having them there (lower) and I don’t even notice them. Because I use my glasses for not only fishing but driving, reading and many other tasks, the lower bi-focal is my preferred choice. - Andy Mill, Master Tarpon Fisherman and Olympic Skier


Thank you so much for offering the Belize upper bi-focal. I really struggle without a bi-focal when I’m fishing. Attaching leaders, flies and such is impossible for me without their help. I find that when I’m wearing a hat I don’t even notice them (upper) and I’m now able to wade through streams without the bi-focal distorting my vision. These are really the best of both worlds. They seem so obvious you have to wonder why someone didn’t think of them sooner. - Al Tigert, Alaska


Spending 250+ days a year on the water in Florida guiding clients to trophy redfish and sea trout requires staring at and through the water to see subtle signs that a fish is there. Habervison has solved that problem for me. Before switching to Habervision sunglasses I have always had a problem with eye fatigue and seeing the fish before they see me. Now I have no eye fatigue whatsoever and my Nice Sunglasses are so comfortable I forget I am wearing them!!! The fish have no chance now that I can see them sooner. Thank you Habervision for doing your homework designing sunglasses that perform the way they are meant to.- Tight Lines, Capt. Tony Pantuso




Your Bellagio Sunglasses provide comfort and safety from the suns rays. They also keep your eyes from getting "fatigued" on the bright sunny days on the ice while watching line for our light biting Lake trout. Your Prima Eliminator Goggles do not fog up on me for any snowmobile ride (even when it was -35 degrees). Thank you for such great products. Bernie Keefe, Fishing Guide


Haber Fog-Eliminator...nice! Finally got around to trying one of these, they've been around a few years. I was impressed. I usually go through at least 2 goggles in a days ride as they get soaked and fog up, both from snow soaking through the foam and from sweat. Used the same gogs all day and they never fogged at all! The unit doesn't interfere with sight, can't even tell it's there with the goggles on. Nice product!!! Paul Erickson, Lake Tapps, Wa

I had the opportunity to check out the Kenai and Cima sunglasses, they are Awesome! I took them out of the box and you could tell the quality of them.  I love how the wrap around your face and don't let light in plus they are super comfortable. The Eliminator Goggles are amazing. I tried to get them to fog up by putting them in the shower with the eliminator and NO FOG!!  I ca't wait to show these to people and I believe they will be a huge hit, especially for the money.  Again, Thank You for letting me be a part of your team.. -FISH-ON Mike White, Bass Pro Fisherman

I've been using HaberVision Riva Goggles for 3 seasons now. It's the best goggle on the market. Continued good luck in 2010. Don Santel, CEO Hyperion Therapeutics

I am a ski instructor at Hunter Mtn located in Upstate, NY! My complaint is... I have none! Thank you for making such a wonderful product and making my job in seeing 500% better. The Riva goggles I have work splendidly and I have nothing but positive things to say about Habervision. Keep up the great work and I hope to see your products in ski shops near me. Ashley Rose, Hunter Mountain Ski Instructor

The quality of HaberVision goggles and sunglasses are top of the line. One product that I believe will be very successful with snowmobilers is the Haber Eliminator. I have yet to find a goggle that does not consistently fog and I've ridden with every major brand. The Haber Eliminator is the first practical solution I have seen to this problem. The Eliminator is incredibly sleek and lightweight, it is not even noticeable inside a set of goggles. - Dan Gardiner, Extreme Snowmobiler

I’ve had the new Highline snow-specific goggles on-hand for testing over the past month. When I got them, I was impressed with the overall quality and the clarity of the optics.  Slipping them on, the Gun Flash spherical and polarized lens offers just the right color for most light conditions. On the hill, the Highline goggles offer fog-free, no-fuss performance and fit well. I’ve enjoyed fog-free performance in the backcountry and inbounds on cold/cloudy and mixed sun days. The frame itself fits my medium-sized face and nose well. With a helmet, the nose does pinch my nasal passages just a tad, but not any worse than 90% of the goggles on the market.  It must be the helmet/goggle combo on my face that causes me issues in this way–oh well, I’m used to it. The hinged strap attachments keep the goggles sitting flat on your face whether you use a lid or a beanie. I missed having a strap clip, but it’s not that big of a deal once you get the goggles on. The Good - Excellent optical quality, Lenses are scratch-free so far, Fog-free performance, Excellent fit with or without a helmet, Good quality for the price – $75 (polarized, spherical lenses are usually much more). The Bad - No strap clip, Not available in local stores, Relatively-unknown brand - Jason Mitchell, Gear.com



Great fish...Great Trip....Great Glasses...I wear no other glasses while fishing (or even driving) anymore. The design is both comfortable for long use and does not become tiresome or bothersome to wear. The lens' have stayed perfect and the Kenai 2.25+ BiFocal feature makes tying knots and flies to the tippet a breeze. - Joe Tassiello -Dumont, New Jersey

I have moved on and now work in Antarctica setting up deep field camps for all the scientific research that goes on. I'm not sure which pair of goggles I have but I can tell you that I have received about a couple of dozen of comments about the cool looking goggles and they've all asked me if their good or not. The answer? Duh! Of course they are. There isn't a polarized lens on the market that can even come close to comparision and these goggles don't fog. When I'm in the field working in some of the worst condtions on earth I can rest easy that (unlike my friends whose goggles have fogged up and now don't have them on) I'm saving my eyes from all the debris flying around. Thanks and Stay Warm! We've been socked in for a couple of days with windchills reaching the 110's below zero. I was out yesterday in it and your goggles were definetely on my face. - Josh Rose, Antarctica

Hello Habervision. I rarely write to a company about a product or service that I have purchased, but your Multex sunglasses are fantastic! I purchased a pair of your Multex sunglasses with the Haber Rose polarized lenses a few months ago and wear them consistently when driving a motor vehicle. They are quality manufactured, comfortable, lightweight, and affordable. The tint is perfect for driving in our typically sunny Southern California weather. I am so happy with your product that I m considering ordering a pair of your Bellagio (black - grey, blue flash, polarized) sunglasses to keep in our other vehicle. Keep producing high quality sunglasses at a fair price and the word will spread. I have already told a coworker about your excellent product and he is considering purchasing a pair.- David Spreitzer


Thank you again for the google eliminator they worked great and will get further testing this winter in the North West. I love the ease of which the fan inserts and turns on and off. The auto feature is by far the way I used the goggles most. Although I have not done it yet I like the fact the unit is interchangeable with other goggles. The Haber optics are incredible as well. Fog was never a problem and I was the envy of my ski posse. - Chris Lowe, Cascade Designs


I was searching the web for sunglasses similar to my old Varnets or Sunclouds. I loved the rose glass. I tried yours and was hooked. Great glasses at a great price. I bought some for my husband too. I am always making people try them on and I can't tell you how many times the first word from there mouths is "WOW!". Keep up the good work. Kate McCracking

On a rare evening off, I went down to the river to do some fly fishing. As my eyes are getting older, it gets tougher to tie my flies on. Your Kenai Bifocals just made knot tying a lot easier and faster. The way they fit my face none of that annoying light comes in and the quality of you lenses helps me spot fish others walk right by. Thanks for such a wonderful product. Bernie Keefe, FishingwithBernie.com 


"Just wanted to drop a quick note to thank you all for the excellent service and communication in my recent "Velocity" order. I guess you had some problems with your polarized lens supplier. Looks like you worked them out. I just got back from Yukatat Alaska fishing with my usual cast of friends. Thanks again for such a great pair of sunglasses" Thanks, John Montgomery


I wanted to express that HaberVision is the best Sunglass Company..  Over the years of Completive Bass Fishing, I’ve tried many different brands of sunglass before Habervision. The depth perception is amazing. In low light conditions I could see the Smallmouth Bass bedding in stained water. It was a one two punch on lens colors. The Bellagio  amber, no flash, polarized in the morning and Bellagio copper/rose in the afternoon. I feel without Habervision I wouldn’t done as well.- Sean Hinton, Bass Pro Fisherman 


We just received our first Eliminator and MXT Goggle from HaberVision. The first thing we tried is actually seeing if the Eliminator would fit one another manufacturers goggles. With a bit of work they fit into a pair of Scott’s with no problem. After that, the Eliminator was fit into the Haber MTX goggles. About five minutes and it was in place. The next test was to see if the MTX goggles would accept the quick straps, which with a bit of work but turned out to be a none issue. This morning was my first ride with the MTX goggles equipped with the Eliminator. According to the Weather network it was about 4 degrees C when I left the house on my bike, but the frost bite on my nose begs to differ. The Eliminator was set on auto and away we went. I could not hear if the Eliminator was cycling over the noise of the bike, but it did appear to be doing its job. When ever I stopped fog would start to appear on the google and then disappear almost instantaneously. It was kind of nice not to have to take my goggles off at every stop. There will be a lot less wear and tear on the quick straps with the Eliminator in place. The goggles themselves are very comfortable for me and seemed to not distort near as much as the Scott’s that came off my helmet.-Larry Hoffman www.trax2treadz.com

"One word...Wow! Wearing my Nice Haber sunglasses while sight fishing the saltwater flats is like peering through the water to see fish and bottom detail in high definition. The amber/yellow allow me to wear sunglasses at sunrise and the copper/rose are perfect for the mid-day blazing Florida sunlight. Extremely light and comfortable, the lenses are relaxing on the eyes with no squinting. As a professional angler and guide who makes a living spotting trophy fish, I highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks for a great product."
. - Capt. Nate Lemmon


I have had time to put the Kenai Bi-Focal to good use and have also compared them to the Ono's and Costa's Bi-Focal glasses and have come to a conclussion that the Haber Vision sunglasses are a far better sunglass for me. The Trilon frames are light and fit snug and they do not let light come in from the sides nor do they fog up during humid mornings. The amber polarized Resin Lite lenses allows me clear vision through the backcountry waters that I fish on a daily basis and when used offshore I don't need to switch glasses to see through the water. The protection from UVA, B and C radiation makes me feel that one of my most treasured tools my eyes are protected throughout the day. Last the style and comfort that I get from my Haber Vision sunglasses and the affordable prices makes Haber Vision a great buy. - Capt. Alan Sherman "Get Em" Sportfishing Charters Inc., Editor Florida Sportsman Magazine and Miami Herald


I recieved my Bellagio's and I have to tell you I'm VERY impressed with your product! They fit better and are more comfortable than any pair of sunglasses I've ever owned. The visual clarity is unbelievable! The wrap-around shape sunglass eliminates glare from penetrating around the sides, top and bottom of the glass. And with Corelex™ light adjusting photochromatic polarized lenses it's the perfect sunglasses for fishing as you can see a lot more detail in the water. I have to say that HaberVision is a superior product compared to all others! Thanks for a Great product! Paul Roberts, Bass Pro Angler

I have never had as good a pair of goggles as the Prima Carbon Goggless I bought from you. They perform brilliantly (pun intended) and the polaroid effectiveness as an identifier of ice (turns it a burnished copper color) is particularly useful here in the East, where I teach seniors at Windham Mountain, NY - Guy H.

We just received our first pair of sunglasses from HaberVision. My husband got the Magnum and I got the McKenzy. The first surprise was that they are made in Italy. How nice it was to see something not made in China! Secondly, the fit is great, plus, we look really cool in them (ha, ha). Kudos to HaberVision! - Alexandra and Mark K.

"When you are on the water all day, glasses not only have to function well, they have to be comfortable. Habervision does both well. As a fisherman, I am tough on glasses. The glass lenses of the Habervisioin Nice stand up to punishment a poly lens couldn't endure, yet they are extremely light, comfortable, and most importantly let me see all the action. Well done!" - Robert Brossfiled, Chaiten Lodge www.chaitenlodge.com






"These fish are definitely a result of Habervision's quality. After a long day ice fishing in bright sunlight on Lake Granby, Habervision Kenai sunglasses kept our eyes 'fresh'. We were able to concentrate on our rods and line to pick up very delicate bites. Thanks Steve for such a wonderful product."- Bernie Keefe



These glasses are unbelievably lightweight.  The photochromatic lenses makes running with these frames on trails extremely efficient.  I have tried several different glasses before, but one problem that I always ran into was that during a trail run, you go from well lit areas to areas that are completely shaded.  I would always have to remove my glasses because the tint would not allow me to see the trail clearly.  With the Magnum Variant, this was not an issue at all.  The lenses adjusted to the amount of light so I could see clearly the entire time.  I didn't have to remove them once while on a long training run.  I noticed that the frames were incredibly light which made me think that they wouldn't hold up to tree branches or rocks in case I took a fall.  While on a run, I had to avoid a mountain biker that came barreling towards me around a turn.  Trying to avoid him, I ended up getting slapped in the face by some branches.  Not only did they glasses protect me, but I coudln't find a scratch on the lenses.  Terrific! - Ricardo B


"I have used Oakley, Action Optics, Hobie, and Habervision sunglasses and have been pleased with all of them. The Oakely and Hobie glasses came to bad ends. I have had great service from Smith Action Optics with replacements but my A.O. glasses are now backups because the three models I have was prone to fogging in a few situations. I now have a couple of pairs of Haber in the Nice model and they have become my primary and first backup pair. I tried them because of the price and ended up quite pleased. The A.O, Hobie, and Habervision were all photochromatic.
For me, all were excellent, but I give the edge to the Haber because the copper/rose lenses are the most comfortable on the eye that I have used. Most important for has been fit, not the name on the frame." - C. Smith, San Diego

I used the Haber Eliminator, auto fan over the weekend at Mammoth.  It worked GREAT!!!!  It totally eliminated any condensation in my Haber Goggles.  It’s a great product and I will recommend it to all my friends! - Dennis B.

Just a note to let you know we just finished a week of skiing at Snow Mass using our new Prima goggles.  We were able to ski 2 days when it was not sunny that we would never have been able to ski in the past several years.  We are 72 and 73 years old and our vision on flat days is not good; however, with these new goggles we were able to see.  We are thrilled with them.  We heard about them through an old ski instructor last year and decided we would get each other a pair for Christmas--what a great gift it was.  Thanks.- Doug and Betty Jo

"Hey guys - I just wanted to give you all a little feedback on some of the eye wear that I have purchased from your company. Currently, I own the Risque, and Prima products. Risque - by far, my most treasured pair. These fit great and work like a champ on the water. What I really love about these glasses is that they have a glass lens. I wish you had a category on your website dedicated to glass only lenses. I know you all tout the poly carbonate lenses but I just don't have much luck with ANY manufacturer and a plastic lens. I am a glass guy. Prima - what can I say? Genius. These perform brilliantly, calling out all the detail in the snow on those "flat" days. " - R. Williamson - Hawaii




"Love the quality and line..." Thanks, Vinnie Z. - Florida



I am on the lift, and I got to tell you these goggles are great ! The Eliminator fan came on as I was poling through the lift line after a hard run. - Larry L. - Denver

Dear Habervision, I used your Riva goggles at Mammoth Mountain in California over Christmas and I was very pleased. The goggles helped me very much with high winds, snow and flat light.  What a huge difference from the old ones I had.  Never had a problem wth fogging and I ski double diamonds!   Highly recommended!  Thanks, Bill B., Libertyville, IL.

My name is Bob R., I am a professional snowmobile Guide with Togwotee Mountain Lodge with 16 years of back country guiding experience.   Your Haber Eliminator No Fog is Awesome, I spend a lot of time pulling on snowmobile skis as my guests are stuck alot. No more removing my goggles because of fogging, the fan kicks on  and I don't even start to see the fog.  Many of my guests will be ordering the Eliminator as they have seen it in action and now want one for themselves. - Bob R.


Habervision has been our top choice for all of our googles and eye wear. All of my crew and television staff wear the Habers in all types of conditions. Windy,sunny or blizzard conditions always find Habers on my stafff and me. The ice is no place to be with out them. There is no way we could go into the high country and film our shows with out the products. It is so important to protect your eyes when you are out on the ice. My staff and I are proud to be able to use these products on Hammerin Fishing Adventures. Haber is really having a very large impact on the ice fishing world. We are excited to use all of thier new products coming out. 
Thanks Haber!!!!!!!!!!! - Dave Bryant, Colorado Host of Hammerin Fishing Adventures



Skiing is great in my new Riva Eliminator Goggles, I'm in love with the optic orange lenses. The vermillion I've found can be make it hard to see moguls in flat light and that's all I've been skiing in lately.  The Eliminator would be aptly named "The Predator" as it kicks on for a second or two each tim I get on the lift. No fog and works great. Got a digital camera for Christmas, will be taking more photos and sending them along. Here are 2 good ones from yesterday. - Ted D., California



Just recieved the white/gold Highline goggles today and I love them. I couldnt be more stoked about it, definitly my fav gog. Awesome design and color scheme. Extremely comfortable with a helmet and they just look great overall. - Tae, Colorado Freestyle Skier



I was surprised that I could see well in flat light conditions with the Ouzo goggle due to having mirrored and brown lens. I ski with a RX insert due to vision problems. They work well and I'm looking forward to some bright light ski days. - Dale W.

Thanks for a great product.  I’ve used the Multex for the past two years now, and love the clarity they provide while fishing on rivers and lakes.  I’ve watched friends go through countless numbers of other glasses through out the year, and after 200+ days on the water this year alone, mine are still as good as the day I bought them. - Nicholas C.

I skied AspenHighlands yesterday (just after I got my HaberVision Eliminator Goggles delivered). Perfect day to test them--you guys rock. They worked great, are much lighter and better looking than the Smiths. The auto (humidistat) worked like a charm--amazing. I'd be in the middle of a Temerity run, or off the backside bowl, and I'd hear it crank up. Other than a little fog at the very bottom of the lens when I got on the lift, there was none. Great. I'm 50 yr old very aggressive expert, skiing since I was 5...sweat a lot and have big troubles on snowy days w/ high humidity. Can't wait to try them up in B.C. where it's usually (used to be) a big problem. VWH- Grand Junction, CO

Let me send you an unsolicited testimonial for the Eliminator anti-fog device. I installed the device in a pair of well-used Smith goggles last night. It was relatively easy to install and didn't trash the foam. Today was a storm day at Alta, where it is snowing sideways (check out the Alta web site and look at the Altacams for today!!!) and with helmet, hood, gator all in place I challenged the Eliminator. Without a doubt, not only did it defeat the fogging from the chair, traverses and hiking but it also was completely out of sight and sound. This thing is great. You should sell a zillion of them.  You should contact the retail shop at Wiegeles where I ski and get them to carry them. Good Luck. - Paul R., Salt Lake City

We had a great raft tripto Cataract Canyon, though one of our team flipped their boat...however as they had Swiftwater Rescue they got out with only a bent oarlock. 
I used the Velocity glasses as I tend to destroy the lenses on raft trips and they were superb!   With these even with the sun directly ahead, you can see the route ahead and read the water in the rapids - great safety as well as good fun.  I also like the Magnum and Variant as they float.  Hope to try to carry these for my raft company. - Dr John Bowen, Exec Dir High Plains Outdoor Inst, High Adventure/Educational Guide Service - www.hpoiadventure.com

Received the Magnum Variant glasses a couple weeks ago and wanted to give you some feedback. I have used them now for four long (3-4 hour) rides on two weekends. The photochromatic lenses are absolutely the best. When you leave for our rides, it is often a difficult decision to decide what lenses to put in as the light at 7:00 a.m. is quite different than what it will be at noon. The Variant takes all the guess work out and there is one less thing to have to think about before the ride. The lenses adjust very well and I am very happy with them. - Jim Host, USA Master Track National Cycling Champion

"I purchased a pair of Corsica's on January 19, 2008, and I have to say they are the nicest pair of sunglasses I've ever owned. I had been a loyal customer of Oakley, as I am a police officer and take advantage of Oakley's Government Purchase Program, which provides about a 50% discount on the retail prices of Oakley's. The Oakley's are fine sunglasses and I thought I'd be a customer of their's for life. Then I saw a Habervision promotion on one of the golf forums I frequent, GolfDiscussions.com, and purchased the aforementioned Corsica's from your company. I was struck by the fact that the Habervision sunglasses fit better, were more comfortable, and provided much better visual acuity than the Oakley's, both in my job, and playing golf. Anyway, I am a Habervision convert and am appreciative of the quality of your products, your reasonable prices, and easy ordering system." - Mark, Maryland

"Thank you so much for your kindness in shipping the Portofino sunglasses so that I will have them in time for our vacation to Myrtle Beach next week.That would have meant I would have had to use another pair of sunglasses that could never compare to my Habervision ones! My wife and son both have HaberVision sunglasses and would never be satisfied with anything else either. I know several friends who have checked them out after seeing ours. Agains thanks for your help and for the great care." - Barry, Pennsylvania



"Thanks for making such cool glasses. I own two pair of Cima and luv'm. Here is a picture of me on a buddy's "go fast" boat at Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri . These sunglasses are the most comfortable to wear. You can wear them all day and they feel as great at the sundown as they did at sunrise. Plus!!! my eyes feel great too!!! " - Gill Cohen




"The Haber Nice with copper/rose lens is the BEST sign fishing sunglass I have ever used. The earlier I could spot em, the better!" - Rooster Townsend





"I've been fly fishing now for more than 50 years, early on I learned the importance and value of Polarized fishing glasses. A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to meet Steve Haber of Haber Vision Glasses and I quickly realized that Haber Vision truly is a step above all the others. For the last two years they are my "go-to glasses" and the best I've ever fished with. -Jim Teeny, Fly Fishing Champion




""Love my HaberVision sunglasses! They are without a doubt the best sunglasses I have ever used, and I will never fish without them again"

Dave Flavin, Anchorage Radio Personality (KYMG-FM)


"The Kenai model arrived and I wore them immediately. They're perfect for fishing (and as I learned last night for bike riding."

Jim Kalkoken
PWT Director





"Nice with grey lens and blue flash is by far the best he has used for fishing the bright sun conditions of the Baja."

Jay Murakoshia


"I bought my sunglasses for my trip to Lake Powell and my 10 mile hike down to the Grand Canyon to see Havasu and Mooney falls. I was worried that I would not get them before my trip. I received them in record time. I love them; I found out that all sunglasses are not the same. "

Angela Colonell at Lake Powell


"When it comes to money on the line, you have to be able to see what is going on around you. You need to be in touch with every moment, my HaberVision glasses allow me to just do that, see everything! HaberVision is hands down the best glasses I have ever fished with. And I have been fishing for over 30 years. They will improve your fishing too! "

Peter Yanni
Walley Pro Fisherman




"Habervision's products have allowed me to consistently put clients on big bass that others just cannot see. There have been countless times when I've pointed out fish to folks in my boat they just couldn't see until putting on a pair of Habervision glasses. The polarization is unmatched and their amazement is something I can count on. It's simple. Put the glasses on. Get Habervision. "

C.C. McCotter
Editor of Woods and Waters Magazine


"I love my Haber sunglasses. They are the first sunglasses that I have been able to play golf in. I wear them on every shot, including when reading putts."

Omar Uresti
PGA Touring Professional


Joe Rossi 

Joe Rossi - Habervision Polarized Optics are the official optics of Joe's Wildside Adventures. Check out the new models featuring the KENAI.

"These are the clearest and most efficienct glasses I have ever used"

Joe Rossi

"The new Habervison sunglasses are hands down some of the best I've ever used! I particularly like the "Nice" style. These glasses are sold direct and enormous savings are the result. These glasses are comparable to any of those costing twice as much..."

Dan Blanton
Hall of Fame Fly-Fisherman



Michael Rosa 

"I'm enjoying the Rx sunglasses. I'm using the copper lenses. When the cloud cover gets any heavier than this I switch to the amber. An unexpected benefit to the Trim frame popped up when I first rode my Valkyrie Motorcycle wearing them and discovered the Haber Trim is a great frame for riding!!! Best of Luck . Thanks again for a great product."

Michael Rosa


Warner"I have been using a pair of Haber's with the rose/copper lens since March. I have worn them everyday while guiding and they are really holding up well. I can see fish like I have never been able to before. These glasses are incredible. I have all of the other top brands, and I don't use them any more for fishing. I just use Habers. I now recommend Haber to all of my clients."

Bruce Leslie
Sundowner Guide Service in
Placencia , Belize , Central America


Chris Gill, Editor, WindCheck Magazine 


"For the money you spend, these are the best form fitting, sealing, and sun-repelling goggles currently on the snowmobile market."

Mark Boncher, Editor, American Snowmobiler



Warner"OK, I'm no model, but these Haber Velocity are great for climbers: lighter and safer than glass; polarized; with replaceable lenses if I scratch them, and stylish. This photo about 350 feet off the deck on Lumpy Ridge, Estes Park , Colorado .

I always wear these now. Thanks."

     - Rob Bauer



Chris Gill, Editor, WindCheck Magazine 



"When you wear sunglasses from sun-up to sun-down, having a light and comfortable frame with perfect polarized lenses is paramount. The Mallorcas are THE most comfortable glasses I've ever worn."

Chris Gill, Editor, WindCheck Magazine


Warner "Hi just wanted to say that I bought one pair of Prima goggles from you, and after one ride, I am getting two more pairs. Two of my friends were so impressed by your goggles, as was I that if I didn't order some for them, mine would have disappeared. Thanks for manufacturing a great product at a great price. "

     - Warner

Keith A. Workman 


"These Magnum sunglasses are amazing! Everything appears sharper and they fit my larger than normal head comfortably. The flexible ear tabs hold the glasses on my head securely without pinching my temples, which is important when fishing and leaning over the gunwales to retrieve fish and tackle. I also love them for being so light, but still covering my total vision area, which eliminates glare completely. Thanks for making such a great pair of sunglasses!"

Keith A. Workman



David M. Rozelle"The world looks better through your polarized lenses. Thank you for the great glasses. I bought a pair for my Dad on Father's Day. He loves them as well. Now my wife wants some to watch me at Hawaii Ironman."

David M. Rozelle
Administrative Officer
Amputee Care Center



Greg LeMond"Bought some new polarized glasses to take on my Alaska fishing trip. The photo is at Hope, Alaska. The water was choppy and lots of glare. The new Haber glasses were the best. I compared them with my other cheap polarized glasses and there was no comparison. I then had my nephew, who lives in Va. Beach and owns/fishes his off-shore boat almost every weekend, compare them against his expensive polarized Ray Bans....Haber won hands down!"

      - Seibert Cowley


Jeff Eichman "All of us are very pleased with the performance of the Velocity. It was a frequent topic of conversation that day as we passed from the bright desert landscape through heavily shaded pine forests - the velocities never needed to come off and were indispensable as we ran down a narrow rocky forest trail whose canopy frequently opened up to the sun."

     - Jeff Eichman and Friends


Greg LeMond"Thanks for the Habervision goggles and sunglasses, I LOVE them!"

      - Greg LeMond


Nancy Morris Lyon "Haber has created a real winner! It has been many years since I have placed a pair of glasses on my face and said WOW, but these did it for me. Their polarization offers an underwater view that is defined and clear. These should be added to every anglers must have list."

     - Nanci Morris Lyon,
       Katmai Fishing Adventures LLC


Freddie Anderson in the Riva"My Mom, Freddie Anderson (age 85) started our ski school in 1950, and is still teaching and skiing. With 2 titanium knees, a pace-maker, she skis like whipped cream; up until I gave her the Habervision Riva goggles, she positively would not ski in flat light. Now she doesn't give it a second thought. Night skiing, flat light or bright Rocky Mountain sun, she attributes much of her better balance on the hill to the Habervision goggles."

      - Christina Anderson


Tony Mallgren"My first chance to try out the Multex polarized glasses was on the Green River for the Spring BWO hatch. I had a great day sight casting to Browns and Rainbows cruising just below the surface. My buddies had a much harder time seeing the fish and couldn't figure out why I was able to see the fish and the small flies on the surface; but I'm convinced that my success was partially due to the great vision provided by the Multex polarized lenses."


     - Tony Mallgren



Mike Matica in the Magnum"I was in Australia with Dan Blanton just a few weeks ago, and I have some feedback to share regarding the Haber sunglasses. I had a few pairs of glasses with me, from different manufacturers I won't name. I still like the others as well (these are not slouches-they are good glasses). I have to admit, I was surprised when I put on my Haber glasses. I put them on to get a different look in the pictures we were taking, but I happened to put them on after catching a fish on the flats, and I instantly noticed I could see into the water better than with the other pair I had on. Something to do with their polarization I guess. I was really surprised at the difference. I stuck with the Habers the rest of the trip. They're great glasses, and at the price you simply can't go wrong. I was wearing the Red Magnum style. Not only do they work great, but they look really cool too."

-Mike Matica catching an Australian Queenfish with his Magnums

polarize performance technology.