Sunglasses Frames


All Haber metal frames are made of either, Trillium™, Stainless Steel, Ti-22 Titanium or Ti-64 Beta titanium.

Trillium™ is a Haber/specific alloy consisting of proprietary blends of nickel, copper and silver. This allows our designers to craft sunglass frames that are both durable and flexible while giving the rigidity needed to maintain correct optical integrity. At Haber, we use Trillium™ mainly in conjunction with full frame designs and spring hinges.

Stainless Steel sunglass frames are made of 304 grade stainless steel for the finest blend of quality and affordability. Resilient and strong it is a time tested material and used almost exclusively in high-end optical eyeglass frames.

Ti-22 Titanium is used when lightweight and rigidity are the main considerations. We spec titanium when design considerations mandate the use of spring hinges. Titanium provides us with a combination of lightweight and rigidity needed to mount spring hinges on ultra lightweight sunglass frames.

Ti-64 Beta-Titanium is used when weight is the main consideration. Frames made of Titanium allow for extremely light sunglasses while the flexibility of Beta-Titanium allows our designers to design frames without the need for complex spring hinges further reducing weight. Beta-Titanium’s cost is high and it is only used in the highest quality sunglasses.

Polymer frames:

Trilon™. A thermoplastic material is light, impact resistant, extremely tough and non-allergenic. When combined with Haberlite™ lenses it becomes an almost unbreakable sunglass package.

Terralon™. At HaberVision we feel that the future of our planet is conditioned by the efforts of each and every one of us in our small or grand actions. We have chosen a revolutionary plastic polymer, which contains over 53% of vegetable extracts, lessening the dependence on petroleum-based materials. Furthermore, we use a percentage of recycled material, so as to minimize the environmental impact of our products, whilst making no compromise on the quality, comfort and durability of our sunglasses.